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Posted by shamser On Thursday, July 1, 2010 0 comments


land is a crucial factor of production of a country. land is use for growing crops. raising forests. constructing roads, factories, houses and so on. cultivable land is the source of food and crops both for human beings and animals. it is also a source of raw materials for most industrial products. you can imagine what will happen if the amount of land is insufficient or the land available for cultivation is not properly managed. in that case we will not sufficient food, our animals will not get enough fodder and our industries will starve of raw materials.

they are regarded as the key to economic development and progress. both sector of the economy share a mutually beneficial relationship. this is clear from a study of the economic history of modern industrialization in countries like U.S.A. U. K. and JAPAN.

agriculture meets people's demand for food. industry meets people's demand for others goods like clothes , books, shoes, cars etc. both food and nonfood items are essential for human beings. so far as satisfaction of wants is concerned, agriculture and industry are complementary to each other both must grow. industry alone can not progress without progress of agriculture and vice- verse therefore there is interdependence between agriculture and industry. "interdependence means that agriculture and industry depend on each other.


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